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Return Policy

Return Policy

We offer a 10-day money back guarantee for all parts.

If the part is not usable or does not fit Your vehicle it can be replaced or money returned.

We note that the goods sold on the are used, if the buyer does not like the form, size, color, pattern of the product purchased, he can use an option of the right to return the item within ten days from the date of purchase.

Replacement of goods and returns are being done using courier services. Undamaged and non-shattered parts are accepted back or exchanged for other parts, with proof of purchase and a written request. All shipping costs are paid by the buyer.

The following return rules must be followed:

Returned item must be in original package (if supplied with the parts),

The item must be in the same set and condition (not damaged by the buyer).

The start of the money back guarantee is the date of purchase.

The returned goods must be delivered directly to the warehouse at your own expense or through courier.

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