For Scrap Yards

As with other activities, car scrap yards are undergoing evolution - buyers are buying more and more online. Today, calls to the car scrap yards and the search for tedious parts on the phone are already becoming old fashioned. The future of car scrap yards - Upgrade and Deploy IT Tools to reach your customers anywhere, anytime.

Become a partner and join the RRR.LT community today. For car scrapers and sellers of used parts we offer:

  • New and modern sales channel
  • Don’t depend on ever-increasing subscription fees. We work differently – if You are successful, we are successful!
  • Provide logistics for sold goods across Lithuania and Europe at no extra cost
  • Free of charge car dismantling business and warehouse management program
  • E-shop with full order management
  • Reach the entire Lithuanian and World markets without additional people - it’s getting harder and harder to find good professionals
  • Selling parts without direct communication with a large number of customers, negotiation and endless calls
  • Expand sales time up to 24 hours daily and 7 days a week
  • Be independent of the employee's mood when looking for parts in warehouse
  • Manage sales and details in real time
  • The system works on the principle of Online -  you can access your data from your computer, phone or tablet anywhere
  • One-touch part’s price benchmark (RRR.LT, Allegro and Ebay price comparisons)
    In case of return - we take care of collecting parts from customers and delivering back to scrap yard
The RRR.LT team is and will be constantly nearby - so we can help you to solve all the problems immediately and share good practices of other car scrapers from all over Lithuania. We are working well and this confirms that we have more than 200 car scrapers.

Don't hesitate to contact us today! Call +370 671 92557 or email