About Us

RRR.lt is a united system of used car part sellers and scrapyards on the Internet.

In order to find the right car part for your car, you will no longer need to call several different scrapyards and waste Your time, few clicks and the part is on the way!


We guarantee that the parts You purchase will be delivered in shortest time possible and all Your purchases will be covered by our 10 days return policy. If You are not satisfied with the part, You will have a hassle-free return option.


Scrapyard owners have an opportunity to join this project and be a part of successful business management system! Contact us here

PShop online safely:
Get a 10 day return guarantee
The goods are usually delivered within 1-2 working days in Lithuania. Europe for 3-5 days.

The project is being developed by:
Foreign Capital Company RRR LT TEAM and 
UAB "Emporionas"


The approach is ISO 9001: 2008 -
it's the world's most famous and universal standard.
The compliance of this standard with the client confirms that the company takes care of the quality of its goods and services, applies a management system.
The system is periodically verified by auditors, and its effectiveness is confirmed by the certificate.


All of the displayed auto parts are in stock at the electronic store.




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