Return Policy

RRR.LT applies a money back guarantee for all spare parts purchased online for 10 days from delivery date.

Undamaged spare parts will be accepted back or exchanged for other goods upon application online.
If the item is not usable or not suitable for your vehicle, we can replace it or refund your money.

The following conditions must be met when returning spare parts to the buyer:

1. Returned spare parts must be in neat packaging to prevent damage during transportation.
2. Spare parts must be in the same condition as received.
3. 10 days money-back guarantee starts the same day that spare parts was delivered.
4. The returned items must be delivered directly to the warehouse. You can do it by yourself or by courier. If you need help with courier’s services – RRR.LT will be happy to help you.
5. Returned parts must be handed over to the courier within 5 days of submission of the return form to RRR.LT. Delays in the delivery of goods mean that the warranty is no longer applicable.
6. RRR.LT refund guarantee does not cover costs that exceed total order value (item plus shipping).

To return spare parts bought on RRR.LT online shop, please fill out the form below.