For Junk Yards

Do you run a car scrapyard business? Do You sell used car parts?
We invite you to join others and go along with the right future.

Get a business management, warehousing, and international sales system for free! system- your business success with few mouse clicks! 


Some interesting facts:

83 percent of buyers are looking for auto parts online during work.

74 percent: calls to car scrapyards are outdated way of looking for parts.

69 percent of buyers prefers getting car parts delivered directly to home rather then going to scrapyards.

43 percent of buyers are purchasing new car parts because calling to scrapyards are taking too long to find right part.

183 percent: sales of electronic, interior and trims of car parts increased

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We’ll be happy to visit You and present the benefits of system. business management system will help you solve many problems that the dealers of used car parts face each day. Key benefits of the system are: helping You increase car parts sales, clear out old stock parts that don’t sell for long time, manage your information instantly, increase your productivity, reduce the percent of problems encountered due to lack of information control. Do not miss on this opportunity and joint our project now!

At the moment, we are already working with Lithuanian scrapyards. Of course, some people have already begun to work, while others only starts, the third is preparing for warehouses for reconstruction.

Some parts are still being imported, since some scrapyards had they’re own systems, but seeing how great and effective this project is they decided to transfer all they’re business management to

Become a part of the RRR system!

For more information call +370 673 34330

The project seeks ISO 9001: 2008 -
it's the world's most famous and universal standard.
The compliance of this standard with the client confirms that the company takes care of the quality of its goods and services, applies a management system.
The system is periodically verified by auditors, and its effectiveness is confirmed by the certificate.


All parts that are listed in our store, are available at scrape yard.
Some pictures of work process:




Become a part of the RRR system!

For more information call +370 673 34330